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Your True Feelings—Revealed!

Did you know brows are more expressive than any other facial feature? Our Brow Translator uses a mix of science and Benefit magic to show you just what they’re saying.

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Who me? I'm just having the best day ever. NBD.

I’m not an “It” Girl, I’m an “It” WOMAN.

If I’m in the room, I own the room.

Honey, I shine way too bright to notice shade.

Adventures in brow science

Defining your brows may be an art, but translating them is pure science! Recent studies have shown that eyebrows may be the most expressive part of the face. Every subtle shift sends a powerful message.

We partnered with facial expression analysis expert Dr. Javid Sadr to learn more about the intriguing connection between brows and emotion. With our newfound knowledge, we created the Benefit Brow Translator, which uses facial recognition analysis and machine learning to identify what your brows are expressing—and adds a little Benefit magic to translate them into Benebabe.

What's in a brow?

Whether they’re narrow or arched, every brow shape and position can express different emotions. Here’s what Dr. Sadr had to say about the brows of three lovely ladies.

While a neutral brow would make this wink read as sneaky and conspiratorial (like the wink you’d shoot to a partner in crime), the strong, raised arch over the open eye changes everything—conveying a sassy, playful, upbeat attitude, e.g. "Hey, sailor!"

Not knitted in anger or raised in surprise, these brows create a strong, neutral line. When paired with direct eye contact and a moderate smile, they convey not just confidence but competence—and could easily lead to an unsolicited job offer or promotion!

While her right brow is pinched inwards and upwards in an expression of worry and sadness, the right is arched at the outer edge, indicating a question. It’s a plaintive pout, as in, "You’re not really going to make me go to that boring dinner party, are you?"

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